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Hier lesen Sie den Bericht unseres Stipendiaten Amos Maranga, mit seinen Eindrücke und Impressionen die er während seines sechswöchigen Aufenthaltes in Deutschland sammelte.
Amos wurde im August 2016 zusammen mit Elias Muhatia und Victor Okoth Odhiambo von Bildung fördert Entwicklung e.V. zum Internationalen Ferienkurs der Universität Trier eingeladen. Im Anschluss erfolgte noch eine kurze Studienreise mit unserem Vorsitzenden Dr. J.M. Nebe in die deutsche Hauptstadt nach Berlin, um dort v.a. entwicklungspolitische Institutionen kennenzulernen, aber auch noch mehr über unser Land und seine Geschichte zu erfahren.

My trip to Germany was one of the most exciting, surprising and educative trips I have ever had in my whole life. First of all, this was my first time outside my country which is a very big deal for me. I arrived in Frankfurt airport on 1st of august 2016 and reported the same day for the summer classes in Trier University. On my way to Trier, I was astonished and marveled by the huge tracks of land that were covered by forest and how nature was integrated with human life. This looked so unbelievable and amazing.

Elias & Amos in an Intercity Express Highspeed Train towards Berlin

The roads were very organized and well maintained not failing to mention how road users honestly followed the traffic rules. This came with a big surprise to me since in Kenya traffic rules mean nothing when it comes to the Kenyan roads. The infrastructure in Germany is just mind blowing. Each and every road was tarmacked and all paths had pavements. The state-of-the-art electric trains and buses that are used for the public transport were so awesome and dependable.

After reporting to the university, we were shown to our hostels where we resided through the summer classes’ period. I was perplexed by the furnishing of the students’ hostels. The hostels were equipped with a full kitchen, a full bathroom with a bath-tab in it and there was adequate electricity and water all through. The room for sleeping had adequate space and was to be used by a single student unlike in Kenya where a single room has to be shared by more than six students. This made may stay there very luxurious, comfortable and stress free. The summer classes taught so well. We had a great teacher who was very brilliant in her methods of teaching. She made my passion for learning German language rise even higher.

German language course for beginners

The classrooms were very sophisticated in the way that they were equipped. Each classroom had a projector, a blackboard, a white board, speakers, chairs and tables. I was stunned by how the windows closed themselves automatically when there was sunshine. In addition to this, the summer school helped me interact with students from various countries in the world. It made me realize that the world is made of beautiful and nice people. Also it was my opportunity to let them know my country and they loved it.

My tour to Germany hit the climax when we went to Berlin City. We had an awesome experience visiting places that I could not imagine was possible. I had a tour through the Bundestag and I was flabbergasted. The way the parliament was designed and the way transparency took the center stage was so astonishing and a rare phenomenon.

I was also able to learn how accessible the chancellor’s office was which a huge surprise was for me too. Berlin City was generally a great place to be. I had a great time in Germany thanks to Dr Nebe.

Amos Maranga’s Summer 2016 Gallery