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Der Trierischer Volksfreund berichtete Anfang November 2017 auf einer ganzen Seite über die Wahlmisere in Kenia. Im Hauptartikel wird geschildert wie Trierer Studenten das kenianische Wahlchaos vor Ort erlebten, als sie mit dem Vorsitzenden von Bildung fördert Entwicklung e.V. Dr. Johannes Michael Nebe im Sommer 2017 in Kenia waren. Der Artikel ist Online beim Trierischen Volksfreund abrufbar, bzw. hier als eingescanntes PDF.

On 8th August, Kenyans woke up early to queue to vote for their leaders. Many people were ready to participate in the elections. The elections were peaceful as no incidents of violence were sited as all groups and organizations were preaching and advocating for peace.
Upon the declaration of the presidential candidate results is when everything changed, Suddenly most parts of the country (majorly the slums) turned chaotic and violence became the order of the day.
The dissatisfied groups and individuals took their complains to the Supreme Court of Kenya where the elections were nullified and fresh elections ordered within 60 days in accordance with the constitution .
Despite the ruling,peace was disrupted when some groups and organizations called out to their supporters not to vote hence dividing the nation along ethnic boundaries
The country is yet to regain peace and unity among the citizens and regain stability in its economy.